Sunday, August 5th, 2007. Post written by: Jim

Our new baby girl arrived on August 3rd early in the morning. My wife’s water broke the day before, and around 10pm on the 2nd, began induction labor. By 2am or so, it was push time, and this only took a little over 30minutes. A successful labor for a first child. Concerned about the health of our baby, no anesthetics were used for the labor pains. We named her Raine Alexis Yang.

Baby’s first bath.

She’s asleep. 

The happy dad and his new baby!

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  1. onrypup Says:

    Hello Jim

    I’m Herman Jones Male 51 I live in Jacksonville, Illinois U.S.62650 I set a Google alert for the name Raine thought I would see what I came up with I’ve been watch them for two weeks now and yours popped up yesterday on the birth of your new little one she so sweet and I love the name in whole but the reason I set the alert was I have a son 18 A Sr.. in high this year always been told that his name was different Raine Nathanial Jones so I thought I see what was out there for this name found a lot of different things come across on the alerts for Raine. If I may ask How or Why you did come to use the name Raine. You can e~mail me at and let me know. God Bless you and your Family & Raine. Thanks very much Herman.

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