Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007. Post written by: Jim

After a long 4 day wait after my Cayman S arrived at the dealer, the PDI and additional protection options installed, it was ready! Originally, the dealer was going to deliver it, but I’d have to wait another few days, so I headed over to Victoria Tuesday Noon to pick it up. When I got to the dealer, there it was, sitting in the main show room!





Would you like financing with that?
You sure you don’t need financing?
No… Would you like that in Cash?

As mentioned before, all MY08 Porsche models had a “Market Adjustment” due to the strong CAD, basically saving me about $10k. I purchasedĀ a 3 year extend warranty for an extra $4.5k, and the final invoice price was still about $6k lower than my original cost. The finaly amount came out to around $105k. Cheers. :)

As for insurance, without discount, the full cost of insurance would be close to $5k per year. Good thing I’m at the max discount level and it ends up being around $2.7k/year. Yay for safe driving… Boo for speeding tickets…. yeah, 2nd time in Victoria, got my 2nd ticket on my way back to the ferry.

I was going just as fast as everybody else on the road, although everyone was speeding, sure enough, the cop signals out the Porsche. Meh… What did I expect? But I probably didn’t learn my lesson…

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