Monday, August 13th, 2007. Post written by: Jim

I found out this weekend, to my surprise, that Porsche introduced a “Market Adjustment (MA)” option on all 2008 porsche models, effectively reducing the cost of all MY08 models by $8k to about $15k depending on the model. The base prices and options are all same priced, but the MA option reduces the final price. Looking on various canadian porsche dealer sites, the MY08 cayman models are priced around $10k less than the MY07 models.

Having bought a porsche way back in March, it was like a major kick in the balls… But being an 2008 build, that’s to be delivered in about 2 weeks, there was some hope that the MA option would apply to my situation.

I first called PCNA, to which they had no answer for, go figure…

Then I called the dealer, and to my relief, the canadian MA option applies to all MY08 models, and I was told it would apply to my 2008 cayman S. Exactly how much different is unknown until the dealer gets invoiced by Porsche. So we’ll see in about a weeks time when I call to check on the status. 

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