Wednesday, June 13th, 2007. Post written by: Jim

My Cayman S Will be in Production!!

Just got off the phone with Speedway Motors, and my MY08 Cayman S will go in production on July 18th (estimated date, MY=model year). It will be a 2008 model, and delivery date is expected about a month or so after production, so around mid to late august or early september. Cheers.

As far as 2008 updates go, the dealer still has no info at all. As previously posted, there will be some minor cosmetic changes. I’ve also read from topspeed, the 08 models will have two xenon light bulbs for better lighting. I’ve read on topspeed and a few other sources that 2008 Cayman will have DFI, and there’s wild speculation whether the Cayman will really get direct fuel injection or not.

If it does, we can expect an improvement in fuel economy by about 10% (some say up to 15%), and also get a HP boost in the 10% range bringing the total HP (S version) to around 310 – 320ish. But of course, these are all just speculation until Porsche releases some actual info regard this. Over at the Cayman Club, some members feel DFI will come with MY08 caymans, and others feel DFI will likely come with the MY09 Caymans.

I’ve also read from some sources noting (Confirming, although I don’t know how reliable) the Boxster will receive DFI in the 2008 models, if this is the case, I can’t imagine Porsche would have the Boxsters having more HP than the Caymans, and would introduce DFI accross all their lines. Well, its still all just speculation at this point. Few more weeks to go. :)

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