Wednesday, March 28th, 2007. Post written by: Jim

It’s a done deal!

Instead of going down to seattle, since the pre-owned (nicely optioned) red Porsche Cayman S was sold, my wife and I took the ferry at Tsawwassen over to Victoria! We took the 11am ferry over to Victoria, and got to the dealer, Speedway Motors, at around 1:30pm. 

I contacted the Porsche dealer (Speedway) there, and the sales person seemed pretty nice, much better than MCL. While Porsche prices in Canada are higher than the US (by quite a bit), and are pretty inflexible, the people at MCL (downtown vancouver) needs to realize they aren’t the only Porsche dealer in this area. The sales guy at MCL  probably didn’t take me seriously, probably thinking to himself “WTF is a young fart like you doing at a Porsche dealer.” Well, this Young Fart just bought a brand new Porsche Cayman S loaded with options, but just not from MCL!

So yeah, I purchased a Prosche Cayman S from Speedway Motors, and will probably do so again down the road.

Wondering why I decided to buy a Porsche in Canada after all the research I did about importing one from the US? Well, Porsche dealers in the states can’t sell to Canadian consumers… and to be able to find the right pre-owned Porsche with the color combination and the options I want, the chances are pretty slim. So I decided to just buy Canadian!

silver porsche cayman s
Arctic silver Porsche Cayman S they had in inventory.

The sales person at Speedway (Matt K.), was very courteous and helpful. After I called him, he immediately emailed me all the Cayman inventory he had, and I called him back to arrange a time for a test drive (this was on monday, 27th).

Fastfoward 24 hours…

The test drive was amazing… All I can say is wow. 

red porsche cayman
Look! It’s the red/black cayman I want! Almost… this is a Cayman model with only a few options, I got a Cayman S. But boy, does it look sweet.

Since they didn’t have the Cayman S in the colors and option I wanted, I went for a custom, made to order Porsche Cayman S. The only thing is I’d have to wait about 4 months before I can get it in July/August. Ah well, better to have it just exactly the way I want it! And where else are you going to be able to get a custom made car?

I ordered a Guards red Cayman S with black leather interior with these added options:

  • - 19″ sports wheel
  • - full leather interior
  • - wheel caps colored crest
  • - self dim mirrors
  • - rain sensor
  • - bose sound system
  • - heated seats
  • - floor mats
  • - bi xenon headlights
  • - power seats
  • - 6 CD changer
  • - chrome exhaust pipe
  • - auto climate control
  • - seat belt in guards red

After all’s said and done, the Porsche cost me about $11x,xxx. And it’s gonna get delivered to my front door! :D Now, it’s time for me to start marking off X’s on my calendar…

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