Monday, March 26th, 2007. Post written by: Jim

Damn It!!

Just my luck! I was going to drive down to seattle tomorrw to test drive that guards red Cayman S, and probably end up buying it… But when I called the dealer to book a test drive time, I was told it was sold, along with 2 other porsches over the weekend!! Now, why didn’t I go on saturday?!? Oh yeah, I was learning to drive a┬ástick shift on saturday!┬áLuckily, I shaved my head yesterday, or else, there’d be patches of my hair flying around. :(

Oh well… guess I’ll have to keep looking to be lucky enough to find a guards red/sand beige combo I want, or custom order one. Since I can’t buy a new one from the US, i’ll have to do it thru a Canadian dealer. I called Speedway motors, a porsche dealer in victoria, and might go take a look tomorrow. At least they don’t seem to have their heads stuck up their ass like the people at MCL in vancouver.

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